Project Management

Plan Customers Projects

Customer Projects

Revenue Recognition (Event-Based )

Manage Time Sheets

Accounts Payable

Manage Payment Blocks

Display Supplier Balances

Manage Supplier Line Items

Accounts Receivable

Display Customer Balances

Manage Customers Line Items

Process Receivables

Overdue Receivables Today

Post incoming Payments

Promises To Pay Today

Total Receivables Today

Future Receivables Today

Dunning Level Distribution

Reprocessing Rate of Incoming Payments

Days Sales Outstanding

Days Beyond Terms

Supervise Collections Worklist

General Ledger

Display Financial Balances

Display Chart Of Accounts

Manage Recuring Journal Entries

Display GL Account Balances

Display GL Account Line Items

Manage GL Account Master Data

Audit Journals

Fixed Assets

Display Assets master Worlist

Depreciation Lists

Assets Transactions

Cash Management

Cash Position Details

Make Bank Transfers

Check Cash Flow Items

Track Bank Transfers

Cash Position Today


Create Purchase Order

Post Goods Receipts To Purchase Order

Create Suppler Invoices



Monitor Material Coverage

Check Material Coverage

Schedule MRP Runs

Manage PIRs

Quality Management

Quality Technician Overview

Manage Inspection Lots

Record Inspection Results

Quality Engineer Overview

Results History

Manage Usage Decisions


Manage Sales Order

Sales Order Fulfillment Resolve Issues

Sales Order Fulfillment Analyze Issues

Sales Volume Detailed Analysis


Profile Dashboard

Segmentation Modelling

Segmentation Models

Segmentation Building Blocks

Target Groups


Marketing Calendar

Content Studio Create Emails

Sentiments Engagement

Budget Plans


Detailed Campaign Spend

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