Corporate Tax


The objective of companies is to maximize profit while simultaneously minimizing income tax. Tax planning strategies are essential in sates taxing this basic objective.

At SIMC LLC, we are familiar with certain basic federal income tax rates and are aware of the complex tax implication of business combination.

SIMC LLC looks at tax issues from your point of view, always keeping your bottom line uppermost in mind. Our professionals are not just tax experts -- they are trained as business and financial advisors as well. Experienced in federal, state, local and international tax, we can provide you with a vast array of consulting services at the individual, partnership, and corporate levels.
On-the-ground in our clients' offices and factories, shop floors and back offices, we monitor all developments, keep clients informed, and play an active role in developing appropriate strategies to minimize any negative impact and maximize any positive changes. Bottom line: tax savings. SIMC LLC tax professionals have a wealth of experience in delivering high-quality tax services. For our clients, this means that our tax professionals look at tax issues from your point-of-view, keeping the bottom line uppermost in their minds. This requires a certain kind of professional--someone with the ability to hear, absorb, analyze, and conclude on complex facts quickly; someone with the ability to stay current on an ever-changing, expanding body of knowledge. And last, but by no means least, it requires a professional to be a solid team player, trained in applying the rules and regulations in the process of formulating sound business decisions. This describes the SIMC LLC tax professional. Our tax professionals are not only tax experts, but are trained as business and financial advisors as well.

You can look to SIMC LLC to provide both tax-consulting and tax-compliance services. With experience in the federal, state and local, and international tax arenas, our tax-compliance professionals can meet all of your income-tax compliance needs, including sales and property tax. In addition, they can represent clients during audits and administrative hearings.

Our corporate tax consultants specialize in the following tax areas:

  • Partnership and corporate tax
  • State and local tax
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • International tax
  • Expatriate tax
  • S Corporation

Some of the areas in which we normally assist our clients include:

  • Evaluating entity structures, providing recommendations for change, and assistance in implementation of such changes.
  • Reviewing and assisting with the financial reporting of income tax expense and related financial statement disclosures.
  • Reviewing operating results for tax-saving opportunities prior to year-end.
  • Structuring acquisitions to achieve optimum tax benefits.
  • Evaluating the tax effects of all important business decisions.
  • Keeping abreast of all new as well as proposed legislation.

State and Local Tax
Changes in the state and local tax area over the last decade have been dramatic.
Today, multi-state organizations are facing:

  • New and more complex tax laws
  • Higher rates
  • Multiple jurisdictions -- each with its own vagaries
  • More aggressive enforcement by the tax authorities

SIMC LLC's state and local tax professionals bring strong credentials in multi-state tax matters. This means that you get meaningful information when you need it, covering the many areas of state and local taxation.
Some of the tax arenas in which we provide expertise include:

  • Corporate income and franchise taxes, sales/use, excise, and miscellaneous taxes, and such specialized taxes as real property transfer taxes.
  • Representation and consultation with regard to audits, conferences, protest preparation.
  • Interpretation of new tax laws and/or regulations as they apply to income, franchise, gross income/earnings, and sales/use taxes.
  • Advice regarding multi-state issues, such as income apportionment for corporations operating in more than one state as well as combined reporting and unitary reporting requirements.

International Tax
Worldwide tax planning is becoming more important. The changing federal and state tax environment in the US and changes in the tax laws of other countries create both tax opportunities and potential pitfalls.

SIMC LLC provides assistance on a wide range of international tax and business matters:

  • Worldwide effective tax-rate planning.
  • Maximizing foreign-tax credits.
  • Identifying and qualifying for tax-incentive programs.
  • Helping to minimize withholding taxes on cross-border transactions.
  • Developing optimal tax solutions for foreign acquisitions and divestitures.

Expatriate Tax
It costs money--and time and attention--to maintain employees abroad. Keeping costs down is critically important. A multinational company needs to consider the impact of tax and other costs at home and abroad in arriving at appropriate compensation decisions.Almost every important business decision a company makes in another country has tax ramifications. Multinational companies need tax advisors who are fully informed about the tax implications of their international business decisions at home and abroad. Everything, from business practices to employee attitudes to communications, can be different in foreign countries. Executives of multinational businesses need the best advice they can get in dealing with the issues. They need to know they are "Making the Right Moves" in the expatriate tax area.

Expatriate employees, too, have special needs. We assist you in establishing appropriate levels of compensation for employees residing outside their home countries. You get our help in assessing whether your international tax costs can be reduced, and in assuring your personnel overseas that their tax filings comply with both foreign and domestic requirements. Our mission is to assist you in developing creative compensation strategies to strike the optimal balance between value to the employee and cost to the company.

Outsourcing expatriate tax services to SIMC LLC will spell significant benefits to your Company. As an organization focused solely on providing outsourcing services, we have developed the on-the-ground skills required to reduce your Company's expatriate tax burden.

Recognizing that yesterday's ideas and strategies will not suffice in meeting today's challenges.

Our clients realize that continued growth and success depend upon:

  • Reducing costs
  • Maintaining high quality
  • Increasing productivity
  • Maximizing strategic value

Moreover, an outside consultant brings a "no holds barred" perspective in reshaping the function. As outsiders, we are not married to any particular process or procedures, but rather to delivering results in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
By forming a strategic alliance with SIMC LLC, you can benefit by:

  • Increasing efficiency and accountability
  • Enhancing quality
  • Improving management focus
  • Reducing costs

SIMC LLC helps multinational companies deal with these and other issues. We can assist your company in meeting the challenges of moving employees internationally. We consult with many major companies on expatriate taxation. Our broad resources keep current on developments around the world and we pass this knowledge on to you.
You can look to SIMC LLC to provide the following expatriate tax services:

  • Conduct pre-departure and entrance interviews with your expatriate employees to discuss the tax implications of their transfers.
  • Prepare US and state and local income tax returns for US expatriates during their assignment period to report worldwide income as required by US tax laws and for foreign nationals residing in the US.
  • Prepare tax equalization calculations in accordance with your policies.
  • Assist in the design, implementation, and administration of your tax equalization program in accordance with your policies and tax laws.
  • Review, on an ongoing basis, and recommend changes to your compensation and tax equalization policies for expatriate employees.
  • Provide advice for expatriate employees.
  • Provide advice on tax-treaty issues.
  • Provide advice on US social security issues and the impact of totalization agreements.
  • Review or assist in the design of your international relocation policy.
  • Provide advice on the proper reporting of moving expense reimbursements made by the Company to employees who are US citizens or residents, in accordance with US tax laws.
  • Represent employees at examinations by US or state and local tax authorities.

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