1. Introduction

2. Build your Website

2.1. Build your First Pages

2.2. Choose your Preferred Website Theme

3. Promote your Website

3.1. Promote your Website

3.2. Push Visitors to Share your Website Content through Social Media

4. Get Closer to your Visitors

4.1. Translate your Website in Foreign Languages

4.2. Communicate in Real Time with your Website’s Audience


1. Introduction

2. Start with NetSuite eCommerce

2.1. Install the App & Select your Accounting Package

2.2. Set up your Default Taxes & Currency

3. Start your Online Shop

3.1. Publish your First Product through a Beautiful Page

3.2. Set Product Attributes and Manage Variants

3.3. Checkout in a couple of Click

4. Boost your Online Sales

4.1. Fine Tune your Catalog

4.2. Customize to Maximize your Revenue: Crossselling,

4.3. Share Promotional Codes to Attract New Customers

4.4. Analyze your Online Sales

5. Improve the Shopper Experience

5.1. Give your Visitors their Own Account

5.2. Calculate & Bill Shipping Costs

5.3. Integrate your eCommerce Platform with Paypal

5.4. Integrate your eCommerce Platform with Ogone

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