Cash Flow
Effective management of cash will have an important impact on your company's future success. SIMC LLC has the expertise to design transactions to mobilize cash while maintaining liquidity. We understand that the main function of Treasury is to preserve and manage your access to capital. We know how to keep borrowed money and capital flowing.
We can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Structuring an efficient funding strategy.
  • Expediting revenue collection and processing.
  • Improving disbursements of funds.
  • Analyzing working capital management.
  • Reducing worldwide excess cash and after-tax cost of capital.
  • Hedging of transaction exposures to minimize currency and interest-rate risk.
  • Developing cash management and foreign exchange policies and procedures.
  • Evaluating short-term investment alternatives to maximize yield while minimizing risk.

Developing and managing corporate banking relationship, including:

  • researching new bank products to maximize efficiency of treasury operations recommending appropriate treasury management systems
  • assisting in evaluating bank proposals
  • securing corporate purchasing cards
  • identifying employee check-cashing options
  • ensuring secure transaction processing



Providing a Comprehensive Range of Forward-Looking Services
To provide the highest level of service to our investment partnership clients, SIMC LLC established SIMC LLC Investment Partnership Services. Our investment partnership specialists devote all of their energies to exceeding the needs of this select client group. While our clients focus on building their core business and making investment decisions that spell results, our investment partnership professionals provide a broad range of forward-looking services.

SIMC LLC Investment Partnership Services

  • Updating and maintaining all partners' contact lists for capital calls, distributions, and management reports for the partnership.
  • Maintaining complete and accurate books of accounts using the accounting method in accordance with the partnership agreement.
  • Preparing monthly bank reconciliations and bank interest allocations.
  • For each distribution, calculating the allocation by partner, faxing notices to partners, and preparing the appropriate wire instructions.
  • For each capital call, calculating each individual partner's pro-rata share and faxing capital call notices to each partner; sending reminder notices to each partner in accordance with the partnership agreement.
  • Preparing detailed journal entries for each partnership transaction based upon information received, including interest calculations and allocations for management and incentive fees. Posting these entries to the general ledger and preparing a trial balance.
  • On a quarterly basis, preparing unaudited Financial Statements, including a balance sheet, statement of operations, and changes in partner's capital and cash flows. Distributing these statements to the partners in accordance with the partnership agreement.
  • On a quarterly basis calculating and tracking the cumulative priority returns for each individual investment and for the portfolio as a whole.
  • On a quarterly basis, calculating and tracking the internal rate of return (IRR) for each investment and in total. Calculating the IRR for various subsets specifically designated by management, for example, Equity Residuals, Major Upside, As Expected, and Under Performing.
  • Preparing quarterly Financial Summaries for each individual partner, including, for example, Performance Report Summary, Capital Account Journal, Investments and returns, Carried Interest and Loss Protection, and Fee Credit Journal.
  • At year end, compiling the necessary information and preparing unaudited Financial Statements. Providing the auditors with all the financial and supporting workpapers to facilitate their timely certification of the Financial Statements.
  • Preparing Form 1065 U.S. Partnership Return of Income including Schedules K-1 for each partner's share of income, credits, and deductions for the year. Preparing any state and local tax returns required.
  • Preparing various analyses and projection schedules requested, such as IRR Projections, PIK Capacity Analysis, and Historical Partner's Contribution Profiles.
  • Periodically, meet face-to-face to discuss fund's accounting records, investor return calculations, and any other related information

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