QuickBooks Apps – Additional Information

Introduction #

Choose your QuickBooks Desktop product.

Keep your checks protected in one place and let QuickBooks automatically fill in the details.

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QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale
Sales and inventory integrated with QuickBooks make running your business simpler than ever.

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QuickBooks Desktop Payments
Email invoices and accept online and mobile payments. Additional fees apply.
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QuickBooks Desktop Payroll
Payroll is fully integrated into QuickBooks so you can quickly pay employees with checks, direct deposit, or both. Plus, you can easily prepare, file, and send W-2s and 1099s.

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QuickBooks Desktop for Mac
The QuickBooks that’s made for Mac automates everyday accounting tasks so you can focus on your business more than your books.

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Choose your QuickBooks Online product.

For independent contractors who file Schedule C

Simple Start
For new businesses just starting out.

For service-based businesses who invoice for their time.

For product-based businesses that track inventory.

For growing businesses that need more productivity and insights.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

More likely to be recommended than any other comparable  Accounting Software.

Uncover business insights with over 230 customizable and industry-specific reports
Track inventory bin locations and assembled product costs
Control, customize, and automate pricing and discount rules
Manage inventory across locations, down to the bin, scan barcodes, and set up FIFO inventory costing
All with the same easy-to-use interface that QuickBooks Desktop users know and trust.

Starts at $1,340.00/yr for 1 user license.

QuickBooks Applications Process #

  1. New 2022 features
  2. Concurrent users (each sold separately)
  3. Track income & expenses
  4. Invoicing
  5. Run reports
  6. Send estimates
  7. Track sales tax
  8. Manage bills & accounts payable
  9. Enter time
  10. Track inventory
  11. List limits
  12. Pay 1099 contractors
  13. Unlimited customer support
  14. Forecasting
  15. Industry-specific features
  16. Mobile inventory barcode scanning
  17. End-to-end sales order fulfillment
  18. Payroll
  19. QuickBooks Enterprise with cloud access*

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