Dynamics 365 Functions List:

Dynamics 365 Feature List:
Organized presentation of 1436 features arranged into the standard Discrete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) structure, with clear modules and sub-modules
Rates the level of support Dynamics 365 offers for every single feature, from full support to partner add-on, customization, third-party, and more

Benchmarks Dynamics 365 overall performance against the industry average #

Eliminates weeks of research by providing the total universe of features you should expect to see in solid Discrete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions, regardless of which solution you’re reviewing
Reveals the strengths and weaknesses of this product’s support for every feature
Helps confirm or eliminate software frontrunners right off the bat, saving you time and effort
Supports the discovery of new software features, functions, and capabilities that you might not have known about
Dynamics 365 Software Modules and Features Review
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution that connects disparate data, processes, and teams, allowing managers to coordinate processes and ensure operational efficiency throughout the business. This modules and features review seeks to document the ERP’s functionality in eight key business areas for discrete manufacturing operations, allowing you to weigh the system’s capabilities against your organization’s unique ERP requirements to determine whether the ERP could help your business.

Dynamics 365 Software Modules & Features Evaluation
Our experts documented nearly 1,500 individual features spread across eight core areas of discrete manufacturing operations to see not only how the product performs in each category but also how it stacks up against the functionality provided by the average competing ERP (as calculated from data in SIMC LLC’s database). Keep reading to find out how Dynamics 365 performed across the following modules.

  1. Financials
    Dynamics 365 includes a financial management that is comparable to average ERP competitor.
  2. Human Resources
    There are more HR management tools in Dynamics 365 than the average system offers.
  3. Manufacturing Management
    Dynamics 365 comes with an above-average manufacturing support module that can benefit manufacturers in nearly any industry.
  4. Inventory Management
    The Dynamics 365 inventory management module is slightly more robust than that of the average competing ERP.
  5. Purchasing Management
    Dynamics 365 enjoys an advantage in purchasing management capabilities over the average competing ERP solution. This metric includes supplier, receipt, and contact management.
  6. Quality Management
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with an above-average quality management system.
  7. Sales Management
    The Dynamics 365 sales management toolkit is comparable to the average ERP and can benefit nearly any organization regardless of size or industry.
  8. Product Technology
    Dynamics 365 comes with considerably more product technology features than the average ERP.

User Reviews: Dynamics 365 #

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was reviewed on multiple software review websites, and users seemed to be satisfied with the ERP. Users appreciated that the system came with a wide range of automated features, was seamlessly compatible with other Microsoft solutions, and helped improve internal collaboration by providing a single source of truth to users throughout the business.

Summary of Software Features Review & Evaluation
Dynamic 365 by Microsoft performed well against the competition, enjoying an advantage over the ERP industry average in the HR, manufacturing, and inventory management categories, among others.

This software features review provides an overview of the functionality offered by Dynamics 365. SIMC LLC’s ERP software selection experts have helped many organizations select the best-fit ERP software for their business needs. Following a structured process, which includes scripted solution demonstration sessions, and using SIMC LLC’s proprietary decision support system SIMC LLC’s Advisor, SIMC LLC’s experts can guide through the complex process of evaluating and selecting an ERP system for discrete manufacturing. Contact us today for assistance with your ERP software evaluation and selection project.


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