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Training to Set Your End Users Up for Success #

The reality is that most SAP end users wind up self-training through daily work in the ERP, but they never get the kind of detailed, comprehensive training that allows them to truly excel.

SIMC TECH staff offers comprehensive courses led by expert instructors who use live technology to give your team an interactive, hands-on learning experience. Tailored training options meet the needs of your SAP users and tap into the lessons learned from fellow SAP customers so you can learn directly from those who have already traveled the road you’re on.

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Solutions for Every Step of Your Journey
Not sure which approach is right for your team? We’re here to help. #

Tools for Today, Driving Tomorrow’s Results
“I feel prepared to lead the discussions on our SAP S/4HANA map in a way that I had not before. It’s like now I am armed with a compass and a map.” — Eugene W., PartnerNot sure which approach is right for your team? We’re here to help.

Guidance for Your SAP S/4HANA Transition #

This invaluable three-day SAP S/4HANA Discovery Workshop sets the tone for a smoother and more economical rollout. You’ll get an accelerated understanding of SAP S/4HANA capabilities and how they differ from SAP ECC.

Upskilling with Hands-On Fundamentals #

This comprehensive three-day SAP Business Process Fundamentals Course will provide you with an end-to-end understanding of your ERP system. You’ll gain hands-on exposure to each business area and see the impact of day-to-day work on the overall business.

Discounts on Training Direct from SAP #

SAP offers training that ranges in topics and formats tailored to meet your needs and further your skill set. We can help get you signed up for the right course to get you set for success.

Fully Private Courses, Tailored to Your Team #

Hit the ground running and align your team all at once. Our private education courses are run in a live, fully configured SAP environment that develops skills through hands-on, risk-free practice, and are designed to meet your team’s unique needs.

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